In August 2019, we organized our very first USE-IT Paris event at the Rotonde Stalingrad.

The idea

In addition to distributing the maps of the USE-IT Paris network, the idea was to offer various fun workshops to gather information while entertaining the participants.

  • Introducing the USE-IT concept to young Parisians

  • Collect addresses, opinions, and advice helping us to develop the content of the map.

  • Collect donations.


More than 70 people participated in the event, which enabled us to collect € 98 and around fifty addresses and recommendations.


The vote of the year

2 questions with 5 possible answers. The objective is to obtain information on which the Parisians agree.


Recommendations fair

Thanks to large stickers, everyone "taps" their favourite addresses and discovers the recommendations of others.

The wall of Parisians

The principle is simple: 6 start sentences to complete! The objective is to paint a portrait of Parisians.