From left to right,

Maud Alavès
The regular on the terraces
Her last trips: Norway, Moscow, Lisbon.


Alix Freylin

The tireless walker

Her last trips: London, Shanghai, Madrid.


Clement Letrillard

All-terrain man

His last trips: Greece, Thailand, Canada.

Volunteer members

Thibault Montbazet
History-geography teacher
In charge of historical content
Morgane Alavès
Graduated in Fine Arts from Toulouse
Communication tools creation

Students at the communication!

As part of the educational exercise "Micro-agency" of the school of communication ISCOM, it is a team of 5 students who takes all the communication of the Panamiens in hand!


Their missions

Strengthen our digital presence:

  1. Develop a PR (press relations) strategy

  2. Developing our reputation (through events)