Free map-guide wrote with love by Parisians for young travellers.


Because of the confinement, we cannot go and distribute the USE-IT Paris maps and many of you cannot come to Paris.

We have therefore decided to bring USE-IT Paris to you!

Place an order and we will send the map directly to your mailbox. We only ask you to pay the shipping cost.

How to get the map?

We do our best to keep the Google Map up to date.


However, we cannot guarantee that there will always be maps available.


We advise you to call the distribution point before going :)

A different tourist


For the young

A proposal of targeted activities for young people.


Made by Parisians

Who better to find the great deals?



And therefore accessible to all.


Without ads

No need to pay to be recommended on the map!


Republished every year

And therefore with relevant content.

For better tourism in Paris

Optimizing busy areas

Last year, 12 million tourists visited Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, and 10 others went to see the Sacré-Coeur. But how many of them have ventured into the 19th arrondissement of Paris?


The USE-IT card will encourage young travellers to move away from the city centre, thus allowing a better social mix.

Favor small businesses

In 2017, tourists in Ile-de-France spent € 114 on average per day and per person. But are these expenses evenly distributed in the various districts of Paris?


The USE-IT card will invite young travelers to venture into new neighborhoods. This will therefore favor small businesses economically.

A strong network in Europe

USE-IT was born in 1971 (at the time hippie) in the form of information office for the young travellers in Copenhagen. We will have to wait until 2005 to see the birth of the first USE-IT card as we know it today. In 2008, the international organization "USE-IT Europe" was founded to help more young people create the guide-map of their city.


Today, the network includes more than 40 cities in Europe and 33,000 fans on facebook.

👋 Do you want to join the adventure?

We are looking for a new team to create USE-IT Paris edition 2!

So why not you?